Pop-up Book

Category: Application

popupbook1The opening animation when users launch the project.

popupbook2The four environmental issues discussed in the book. Top Left: Acid Rain. Top Right: Air Pollution. Bottom Left: Global Warming. Bottom Right: Recycling.

popupbook3In every chapter, the top right book provides knowledge of the environmental issues.

popupbook4Game section. This is a whacking game.

popupbook5The game background will get better when the score is higher.

popupbook6Two different endings.

This project is a simulated pop-up book to tell everyone a story and let people to be aware of the fact that global warming can no longer be ignored. It discusses environmental issues, such as acid rain, air pollution, global warming, and recycling.

This interactive project is made by Adobe Flash. Papervision 3D is used to demonstrate a pseudo 3D effect. The 3D modelings in the book are firstly done in Autodesk Maya. Then, ColladaMaya, which is a free plug-in for Autodesk Maya, is used to export the the modelings as collada files, which can be further imported into Adobe Flash by Papervision 3D. The visual style is hand drawn artworks. After reading the interactive pop-up book, users will look at our environment with a pair of different eyes.